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The Town Post is the original way to spread the word on local music, art and cultural events. Our free listings travel all around town, so share your talents generously. The community will be your audience.

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Go ahead! List your band practice, art show, dance recital, live performance, jam session, instrument class, open-studio, pop-up-shop, or comedy show. Don’t forget to add a poster!

Free Listings

Our free event listings are more direct, affordable and effective, and have a wider audience than a Facebook page… Just add and edit events right from your app or online. Make your poster, any medium will do.  Just snap a photo and upload.
The Town Post

Easy Browsing

Fully detailed listings are easily saved and shared. They link to your website and provide GPS navigation straight to your event! A tally shows how many people save your listing to help you plan for a crowd.

Get Attention

The Town Post helps to build an industry for local artists and musicians.  Check out our “live music” category, and our special artist directory inside the the app. Add your portfolio there to be hired as a poster artist (starting June).

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Download The Town Post today! No matter what your artistic medium, we’ll help you spread the word. See you out there!


Free community browsing.
Free Event Listings.
Add a Poster, $30.

Add and edit events right inside the app, or tap below to easily add them online.


Book the Headliner and be the Day’s main event. Enjoy a 9am town-wide popup invitation and premier display for the 24 hours of your event date. One headliner per day… get them before they sell out!

Listing Tips

For tips on preparing your listings, creating poster art, and other useful information, please visit our User Guide.

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