Business Perks

Do you rely on traditional ads or Facebook to promote your business? Are they costly, complicated, hit-or-miss, or have a limited audience? Consider the power of events to bring the community to your door! The Town Post delivers news of your event straight to the hands of local residents.

Connect Locally

The Town Post™ makes it easy for the community to meet and support their local business owners. Show off your specialty, and gain local fans with open houses, product-demos, sample parties, drop-in classes, and more! Getting to know your customers is one of the best parts of being in business.

Tap and Go!

Fully-detailed listings are easily saved and shared. They link to your website and provide GPS navigation straight to your event. A tally shows how many people save your listing to help you plan for a crowd.
The Town Post
The Town Post

Easy Listing

Our event listings are cost-effective, direct and deliver measurable results. Simply add event details right from the app or online. The Town Post’s categories can easily target your market. Don’t spend more money, spend your money more effectively.

Get Attention

Feature your event listing with a poster. Just like that good ole’ neighborhood phone pole, The Town Post™ is where the community goes to find great local art and events that can’t-be-missed.
The Town Post

Get Started!

Try The Town Post™ today, don’t miss out.  It’s never been easier to connect with the local community. See you out there!


Free community browsing.
Free event listings.
Add a Poster, $30.

Add and edit events right inside the app, or tap below to easily add them from your desktop or laptop.


Book the Headliner and be the Day’s main event. Enjoy a 9am town-wide popup invitation and premier display for the 24 hours of your event date. One headliner per day… get them before they sell out!

Listing Tips

For tips on preparing your listings, creating poster art, and other useful information, we invite you to visit our User Guide.

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Share The Town Post in your newsletter or on social media and encourage your fans to follow all your upcoming events. Click below to get our logo for easy sharing.  #TheTownPost

Promo Gear

Promote your business on The Town Post with an assortment of fun promo gear. Grab our digital logo and more.

We're Local!

The Town Post is a small-time home-grown business. Contact us directly for questions, promo gear, or just to meet us in person! Thanks for your support.