Restaurant Perks

Do you wish more people would come taste your latest menu specials? Do you love having a full house, where friends and family relax and enjoy your dishes and hospitality? We hear you. The Town Post is here to bring the community through your door.

Live Local

Busy restaurants mean happy neighborhoods. Become everyone’s second home by posting happy hours, menu specials, and live music… or maybe a pasta night, dinner-and-a-movie, or a fundraiser for a local organization. Nothing beats a dinner party with all your friends.

Easy Listing

Cooking something new in the kitchen? Pick up your phone and list tonight’s menu right from the app. Enjoy free listings, $30 food posters, and a category just for menu specials! Listings are visible immediately, last minute dishes are welcome. 
The Town Post
The Town Post

Tap and Go!

Go ahead and invite the whole town. Event listings can be easily saved and shared among friends. One tap and GPS navigation takes everyone straight to your front door, and a tally of saves helps you plan for a crowd.

Be Irresistable

Feature your menu listing with a mouth-watering photo, $30. Just like that good ole’ neighborhood phone pole, The Town Post™ is where the community goes to find great local creations and events that can’t-be-missed. Good times have never been this easy.

Get Started!

Get The Town Post™ today. No matter what you’re cooking up, we’ll help you spread the word. See you out there!


Free community browsing.
Free event listings.
Add a Poster for $30

Easily add and edit events right from the app, or tab below to post online from your desktop or laptop.


Book the Headliner and be the day’s main event. Enjoy a 9am town-wide popup invitation and premier display for the 24 hours of your event date. One headliner per day… get them before they sell out!

Listing Tips

For tips on preparing your listings, creating poster art, and other useful information, we invite you to visit our User Guide.

Share Us

Share us on social media and let your patrons know to follow your upcoming events and menu specials on The Town Post. Click to get our logo for easy sharing.  #TheTownPost

Promo Gear

Make it easy for your fans to “Follow you” on The Town Post with an assortment of fun promo gear. Get our digital logo and more.

We're Local!

Contact us directly for questions, promo gear, or to meet us in person! Thanks for your support.