The Hometown Post welcomes poster art of all kinds: handwritten, hand doodles, cut and paste, collage, photography, and digital art, assembled objects….. Just make it, snap a photo, and post. Digital poster art is welcome also. See below for tips.


# Make your own Poster

Event Posters work best if created on an 11×17 sheet of paper, or similar proportion, since it’s the same shape as your smartphone. 8.5×11 works well also, but may result in slight distortion. A cropper is available when loading your image.

If your poster is handmade, just take a photo and upload. If your poster is digital, list via so you can access your desktop / digital files. We accept JPG and PNGs. For PDF files, simply take a screenshot of the poster on your screen, that will result in a PNG.

Posters are stretched to fit the smartphone screen which may result in slight image distortion. If your poster maintains 11×17 proportions, distortion will be minimal. Distortion, however, is only noticeable on objects, and will barely be noticeable on posters with lettering only.

Posters are only as large as the smartphone screen. Remember to keep font sizes legible. Use the event details to include any information that can’t easily be read on your poster.


#2 Hire a Local Poster Artist

If you’d rather hire talent for your event poster, consider hiring your favorite artist, in any medium. Simply go to the “setup” tab on the app, and scroll to the bottom for a list of local artists’ portfolios.

You may ask for an original piece of art, or more affordably, license the use of an existing piece. Just ask them to draw your event details on a piece of paper, place it over your chosen piece, and take a photo! Their art will be your background, even if it’s pottery, wood, glass or ironwork.

Then, add their name to the “Poster Artist” field in your event listing. This is a great way to support local artists and help display their talent to the community, while spreading news of your event all around town.

The Town Post does not get involved in poster design or payment process. Thanks for participating.