Free Community Event Listings

Add events on the fly, right from the App (Apple + Android), or list online at (desktop only). Listings are displayed to Truckee locals, with your option of displaying to Truckee visitors also.


Listing Options

Basic text listings are free.

Add an event poster. DIY poster art welcome… make it, take a photo, upload!

Headline events are featured “events-of-the-day”, available for purchase online.

Listings can be placed on weekly or monthly repeat.

See below for more details!


Listing Features

No listing deadlines or restrictions. List minutes, days or months ahead of your event date.

Your listing automatically archives once your event date has passed.

With one tap, a map / GPS brings the viewer directly to your event location.

Viewers can save your event directly to their Google/iCalendar with alerts.

The Save tally shows viewer interest to help you plan for a crowd.

Fully detailed listings include a live link to your website, phone or email.





#1: Add an Event Poster

Truckee locals check event posters to stay on top of major events, and to enjoy locally made artwork.

Consider making a Poster! DIY poster art encouraged, scroll below for tips.

Hiring a local poster artist? Browse our Truckee Artist Directory in App Settings tab.

Do you like making posters? Add your mobile friendly portfolio to the Truckee Artist Directory.


#2: Be the Day’s Headline Event

Planning something big? Book the Headliner and be Truckee’s Event of the Day. Poster required.

Your listing will be featured on the The Town Post for the entire day of your event.

A 9am popup invitation is delivered to all local Truckee subscribers so no one misses out.

One Headline Event per day, so book early! Headliners sell out.

Headliners can only be booked online, up to 90 days in advance.

Rates change relative to CPM / number of local subscribers.


#3: List your Repeat Events

Participate in the Town Crawl! Place your event listing on weekly or monthly repeat. This is how:

Create your event listing(s) on The Town Post, via app or

Email to place your event on repeat.

You can adjust event details at anytime by editing your listing online or via the app.

To cancel your Town Crawl listing, tap “delete” in My Listings view on the app or online.




#1 Make Your Own Poster

The Town Post welcomes posters art of all kinds: handwritten, hand doodles, cut and paste, collage, photography, and digital art. Make it, snap a photo, post!


DIY tips:

Event Posters work best if created on an 11×17 sheet of paper, or similar proportion, since it’s the same shape as your smartphone. 8.5×11 works well also, but may result in slight distortion.

If your poster is handmade, just take a photo and upload. If your poster is digital, list via so you can access your desktop / digital files. We accept JPG and PNGs. For PDF files, simply take a screenshot of the poster on your screen.

The Town Post provides an image cropper during event upload. You may crop your poster image to its exact height and width and also eliminate background distractions.

Posters are stretched to fit the smartphone screen which may result in slight image distortion. If your poster maintains 11×17 proportions, distortion will be minimal. Distortion, however, is only noticeable on objects, and will barely be noticeable on posters with lettering only.

Town Post posters are only as large as the smartphone screen. Remember to keep font sizes legible. Use the event details to include any information that can’t easily be read on your poster.


#2 Hire a Local Poster Artist

If you’d rather hire talent for your event poster, consider hiring your favorite artist, in any medium! Simply go to the “setup” tab on the app, and scroll to the bottom for a list of local artists’ portfolios.

You may ask for an original piece of art, or more affordably, license the use of an existing piece. Just ask them to draw your event details on a piece of paper, place it over your chosen piece, and take a photo! Their art will be your background.

Then, add their name to the “Poster Artist” field in your event listing. This is a great way to support local artists and help display their talent to the community.

The Town Post does not get involved in poster design or payment process.




Check your Listing!

Check the app to see how your listings looks! Event titles have space for 20 characters or less. If your event name is long, use a nickname: “tag sale” or “wine tasting” etc.

The first sentence of your description is your “hook”, it’s visible just under your event title, so make it catchy! Viewers can tap the listing to read more.


Multi­-day Events

All events need a start and end date and time to be saved properly. If your event happens for more than one consecutive day, please choose your start and end dates accordingly. If your event is one day a week for 10 weeks, please create a listing for each date, or contact us to create a repeat listing.


Camps and Classes

In certain circumstances, consider listing your event on the registration deadline date so that community members don’t appear at your event and get turned away. Also, if you’re a yoga studio for example, instead of listing all your classes, list a “newcomers” class, and include your complete class listing at the bottom of the description.


Listing Reach

To see how far your event listing may be seen around town, tap the Settings tab in the app to see the number of local subscribers registered on the app for your town. This number does not include visitors to the area who may be using the app, or Truckee locals who have not registered as a subscriber yet.


Viewer Interest

A view counter can be found inside each listing. This tracks every time your listing taps your listing for more information. To increase your viewer interest, try adjusting your Event Name and first line of your description (your hook). Featuring your event with a poster is also a great idea.


Multi­lingual Events

For events hosted in a language other than English, go ahead and list in your preferred language. The Town Post, however, requests that the event title or first paragraph of the description is written in English so everyone is welcome to participate.


Payment Options

The price of each listing is charged to your Apple or Google Account as an in-­app purchase. We also accept Paypal, Visa, MC, Amex, and Discover when submitting events online at


Listing Restrictions

To add a poster after the event has been listed, please do so online via This cannot be done via the app. Category selection cannot be changed, and event details cannot be edited after the event begins. Headliners can only be purchased and edited online, they cannot be booked or edited via the App.



The Town Post is just you and your town, hanging out and having fun. Where Facebook is global, The Town Post is local. Where Instagram is “I wish I was there”, The Town Post is “I’m already here”. The Town Post is the original way to get out and go. See you out there.